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Pro Drive is an individual company, born from the passion for driving and travel, but above all from the desire to satisfy with the utmost attention the different needs of customers, providing a dynamic and quality service, helping people to optimize their time, to find the appropriate solution for their several requirements and to remove the stress due to travel.

Pro Drive is based in the province of Modena, available 24 hours a day for transfers to and from airports, stations, hotels, tourism, evenings, events, shopping, parcel delivery and urgent material with the utmost confidentiality, transport of luggage for traveling holidays also lasting several days, transport of bicycles with its own bicycle trolley, service in ski resorts, accompanying to medical visits, collection and delivery of medicines and much more. It is always available to evaluate and try to meet all customer needs.

The car rental service with driver is a transport service that stands out from the normal offers on the market, for various advantages, including:


Private driver


Possibility to book in advance


Highest comfort


Movements without limitations


No waiting time


Fixed price for the journey, no taximeter


Highest flexibility in the service


Free quotes


Easy to contact us


Electronic payments

It is convenient you can pay directly on the vehicle, by credit card or debit card without having to bring cash.

We have a minivan car, which can accommodate up to 7 passengers plus the driver, equipped to guarantee maximum passenger comfort.

Dynamism, availability, courtesy and professionalism distinguish Pro Drive.

Transfer to Airports, Ports, Railway Stations and Vacation Resorts

Transfer to airports and railway stations, guarantees reliable and punctual services to the main airports, seaports, railway stations and holiday resorts.

There may be the possibility to share the car, multiple users with the same destination have considerable savings.

Welcome guests

We provide concierge service and accompanying guests at the airport or at the company.

Delivery of urgent and confidential documents

Service for the collection and delivery of small packages and personal documents in full respect of privacy.

Pro Drive provides transport services for small parcels, urgent delivery of documents and trust mail, guaranteeing a punctual and precise service with maximum confidentiality.

Trust deliveries, collection and delivery of documents at offices or professional offices.

Shopping tour

It is always nice to associate the knowledge of new places for shopping with beauty of the towns and territories, together with the organizational experience of those who accompany you.

The NCC Shopping Service is for people who love shopping in Fashion Outlets, or in the historical centres of towns which cannot be reached by car. This is one of the main reasons to request the Pro Drive shopping service ready to drive you and wait for you wherever you want to go, and to join it to cultural itineraries if you are interested in it.

Bike Shuttle

NCC Service with trailer to transport bicycles and luggage to facilities

The passion for cycling and traveling holidays created the Bike Shuttle Pro Drive service.

Bike Shuttle Pro Drive transports cyclo-tourists, and their bicycles loaded on board a specially equipped trailer, from airports or railway stations to the established destinations. Pro Drive follows cyclists assisting them throughout the holiday with luggage transport service at the accommodation facilities.

The shuttle can accommodate up to 8 passengers and carry up to 14 e-bikes or 16 mountain bikes, road bikes, more luggage and different equipment.

Upon request we study and offer personalized tourist, cultural and gastronomic itineraries.

Snow Shuttle

Snow shuttle is the most comfortable way to reach the ski resorts without using your car, worrying about traffic, parking and having to drive back after a busy day on skis.

In addition, by sharing a vehicle with other skiers, you make a contribution to the environment!

Business transfer

Service for business transfers and Companies travels.

Fairs and Congresses

Through our service it is possible to program transfers and travels to the main trade fair events in Emilia Romagna and north of Italy.

We guarantee precise and professional planning to reach the exhibition centres of Bologna, Parma, Modena and throughout northern Italy.

Evenings, stag / hen parties, discos

Pro Drive offers an evening transport service and a license-protection.

The evening-night service can be useful to those who want to move in total freedom and without all the worries related to moving for disco nights, concerts and events, dinners.

Weddings and ceremonies

Transfer service for weddings and ceremonies. The service guarantees peace, comfort and safety thanks to an exclusively dedicated driver. Make the transfer to the place of the ceremony and then to the restaurant or the refreshment place.

If you do not want to leave anything to chance, the service offered is an optimal solution to move in a quick and reliable way.

Concerts and Events

Nothing could be more convenient to reach the most prestigious events in the most important cities, events, concerts you want to attend in complete tranquillity. Through preferential lanes and municipal passes, access to the entrance of the event is direct, without parking matters or queues.

Long transfers, tourist and gastronomic itineraries, museums

The owner will accompany you to the destinations you desire, helping you, if you want, in organizing your trip and assisting you throughout the journey.

On request we organize personalized cultural and gastronomic itineraries, also to visit the collections of engines area between Modena and Maranello including the Ferrari Maserati and Lamborghini Museums.

Accompanying to medical visits, collection and delivery of medicines, other services

Pro Drive offers a transport and accompaniment service for medical analyses, therapies, specialistic visits, day hospital interventions, collection and delivery of medicines, various other services.

Pro Drive applies discounted rates to all registered members of the PRO FUN A.S.D. amateur sports association.

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